Elvis 30th Anniversary Collection

Posted: August 1, 2007
O's Custom Paints Does Elvis

If you’re like me, your scooter is your baby. It’s the bike your parents wouldn’t let you have and you’re customizing it to your individual tastes. You’ve loaded it with chrome, boosted the engine, and now that it’s so loud enough that the jerk beside you has to hang up his cell phone. But what’s the final detail… Paint.  That stock coat of color may have been enough to get it out of the dealer’s showroom…but what you need is something eye popping “Bad Ass” in order to prevent the jeers and taunts of your riding buddies.

Well, unfortunately you can’t go down to the discount store and find “Bad Ass” listed on a can of Krylon. And since I flunked finger-painting in kindergarten, I just don’t think I’ve got the talent to back up my desires. That’s when you need a professional. Someone who’s got the painting talent of Michelangelo, but the tastes of Hugh Hefner; for that you need the talents of Mitch Omar, owner of O’s Custom Paint.

O’s Custom Paint has been known since 2002 as one of the best custom painters in the South. Their high quality work, along with the exclusive use of PPG paint has given them the reputation as the man you trust your tins with. Their eye popping paint jobs have been the extra bling that has gotten many a bike a trophy or made it the talk of the parking lot. From the small shop Mitch Omar started from, the business has expanded to over 7 employees and tripled its size. The displays of O’s custom paint can be found at many of the finest motorcycle shops of the South, including Destination Daytona. So when Graceland and Harley-Davidson came together to produce 30 “Official Elvis Presley” Harley-Davidsons to mark the 30th anniversary of his death, that O’s Custom paint would be the only shop entrusted with the job. The 32 bikes (30 production bikes and two prototypes) are fully-dressed, heavily-chromed and tricked out Hydro Glides that have been made specifi cally to suit the tastes of the Elvis himself. Each one the signature of the King himself on the side of the tank along with the exact production number.

The Graceland has never before allowed the King’s name to be associated with any bike he didn’t own (and none of those are in private hands). And these Elvis Bikes are so coveted that the first one sold for $100,000 even before it was made. (Garnering over $40,000 for the Diabetes Foundation), and the other bikes were immediately sold for 60 grand each. Buyers from Canada, Australia, and Europe fought tooth and nail for the chance to own a bike Elvis would be proud to ride. Many world famous collectors such as Jay Leno pounced on the chance. In fact only bike #30 hasn’t been sold.. That’s because it’s being auctioned off at Graceland Harley Davidson on Aug 15th(on the 30th anniversary of the King’s passing), Bruce Rossmeyer, the owner of Graceland Harley-Davidson, Daytona Harley-Davidson (One of the World’s Largest), and Southern Thunder Harley-Davidson is the exclusive seller of these pieces of moving artwork.

I was contacted to examine these bikes and let you know about them, for that I had to ride on down to Memphis to look over one of the prototypes. Graceland Harley-Davidson is less than 100 yards north and across the street from the most famous private residence in the world; just proceed down Elvis Presley Boulevard, but keep your eyes peeled this isn’t the biggest HD dealership in the world. But once you find the store, the Elvis bike is easy to find… that’s because it’s the only bike in the shop.. But don’t think you can purchase it. This one is never leaving the store.

The bikes are all really tricked up black Hydro-Glydes, Each sporting a hand built Pan Head engine, loads of chrome extras, and the paint job was beautiful. In fact it was the paint job that gave me the trouble. Because it was shining like Black Glass, no matter how far back I took the photo, the refection of me taking the photos was on the tank, so I had to spend three hours retouching the negatives to remove me from shot. But you don’t really need me to describe the bikes.. just look over the photographs; or better yet, when you make the trip to Memphis, stop by Graceland HD and look over this piece of art.. It’s probably the only time you’ll ever see one.

So you probably will never get an Elvis Bike, but you can have a kick-ass set of tins to make your scooter the envy of everyone you pass. O’s Custom Paint will be back to making one of a kind “Eye Popping” paint jobs just as soon as they’ve finished the Elvis Bikes. You want flames, skulls, or have a special design in mind, just contact them at their website www.ospaint.com to get them working on your project. As they state, they have several shades of “Bad Ass” in stock, and you can either look over their gallery or come down to their shop in Bartlett to look over the real things.